High Stakes Betting To Beat The Bookmakers


Another addition to a normal online casino where you are allowed to place minimum bets across a variety of different outcomes there are also the casinos that are frequented by high rollers these are the kind of people who will be playing £100 hands of blackjack and depositing £1,000’s a night just to win back any money lost. For more information on beating the bookies at their own game head to for more in-depth strategies and tips.

High stake casinos aren’t much different to the normal everyday online casino they offer the same range of games, bitcoin slots and table games however the only difference is they don’t tend to limit players to a max stake and the player can deposit as much as they want into the casino in order to win. One thing you may notice is that in a high stakes casino progressive jackpot can be 10x the amount of what you’d see in a normal casino.

If high stake high risk betting is more your kind of thing then you always need to keep in mind that the players at these places tend to do this professionally as newbies to the online casino world could definitely not bet as much as these guys. We always advise to read the reviews from independent websites before you deposit a large sum into any casino, you first need to check whether they’ve got the necessary facilities to make sure that your time at the casino will be up to a standard that you expect, one thing to watch out for is whether they have a VIP program which will reward you the longer you play there.

Advantages of playing at a high stake casino

Customers are looked after on a more personal level, for example if you’re depositing £1000’s into your betting account every night you can bet that the casino at hand will have a personal VIP staff looking after you and making sure you’re very happy with everything that you come across at the casino.

VIP programs will often reward customers with days out and free rooms at some of the most prestigious hotels in the country. Its been said that certain casinos take their biggest players out on day trips to the Cheltenham races or the grand national.

Huge deposit bonuses, you’ll receive much larger deposit bonuses sometimes even 4 x the amount that you’ve deposited. These bonuses tend to be available to players that often meet a certain criteria In both deposits and wagers.

One of the final advantages to playing at a high stake casino has to be the individual support that they offer to a player, every high stake casino has their own

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