Wagering Through Your Bonus


With online casinos offering free money to anyone who signs up nowadays it is now more important than ever to introduce wagering requirements on each of these bonuses. These wagering requirements are structured around the bonus so it minimizes the amount of money being risked.

Many players sometimes completely disregard the wagering requirements as these aren’t the most attractive side of playing at a casino however if you want to be able to use a bonus to your advantage then you’ll definitely want to give it a look at. This is due to the casinos tending to hide them quite well so you may have to have a look around and see if you can find them first, however if you’re googling casino reviews then you’ll definitely find out the rules and regulations for each bonus awarded. A great bonus with low wagering requirements can be claimed using a Titanbet Casino promo code

Another thing to watch out for while choosing your bonus is to look through the terms and make sure that they award a good % towards turnover on the wagering requirements. For instance you may find at some casinos if you were to play roulette or blackjack this might only count towards 25% of your wagering requirement meaning that you’d have to wager through even more money to withdraw your winning where as games like slot machines will count for the full 100% this is due to them being seen as more risky than table games.

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